10 years.And we’re just getting startedFIND OUT HOW 

The Challenge

This manufacturer and distributor had always been a B2B marketer when they asked Adept for a strategy that could address a new, consumer audience. They knew they needed one website that could do both—but our data exploration revealed additional growth opportunities with outstanding ROI potential.

Our Approach

The team at Adept agreed that a new website should be the first step on the client’s growth path. The newly designed site reflects their brand authentically, with plenty of information for both B2B and B2C buyers. The next step? Driving site traffic—and transactions—with a marketing mix of paid search, shopping campaigns, remarketing and SEO to keep a steady flow of customers visiting the site.

The Results

After just 18 months of SEO work, sessions were up 55%. Together, we achieved 223% ROI on paid search campaigns and increased revenue 48%.

Revenue up 48% with a 223% ROI; Organic sessions up 55%