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The Challenge

A pet boarding center opened its first location in Central Ohio in 2006. Initially, the business relied on its prime location to serve as a marketing tool. While the physical building helped bring awareness to the market, the business struggled to be found online, therefore limiting its potential to acquire new customers searching for pet boarding services in the area. With expansion on the horizon, the company needed to ensure it could build a profitable business model prior to opening other locations. In 2008, Adept was contacted to develop a strategy for acquiring customers using digital channels.

Our Approach

The Adept team knew that dominating the search engine results page (SERP) would be critical in the customer acquisition strategy for this brand. Using digital to drive awareness was a key part of the strategy. Paid social media, in combination with local SEO and paid search, allowed the team to execute a very targeted approach.

Adept also developed a strategy to support market entry when the brand eventually expanded into other locations. Keyword research meant to understand user intent and the nuances associated with each suburb from a keyword usage perspective, coupled with an analysis of each competitive set, allowed the team to maximize the company’s investment in marketing for each location. The strategy focused on two important components, each vital to the growth of the business: continued growth in awareness while meeting the distinct needs of each location, and acquiring new customers to drive revenue.

From 1 location to 7 over the course of 10 years

The Results

Since the beginning of our partnership 10+ years ago, we continue to see an increase in our ability to drive revenue year over year. Our latest results include a 269% increase in organic engagement, resulting in a 56% increase in leads generated from organic search in Q1 2018 vs Q1 2017. Paid search delivered an 850% increase in engagements and 243% more leads than the same time period for that channel. What makes these numbers even more impressive was our ability to deliver these results while reducing the company’s lead acquisition costs by -53% for paid, and -31% for organic in the first quarter this year vs last year.

The brand continues to grow its footprint as it added its 7th location in the Fall of 2017. For new locations, here are a few key performance metrics worth noting: in only 6 months, the first location in a new state for the brand (late 2015) was ranking on the first page of Google for core business terms. Within a year, SEO leads had grown 50% and PPC leads up 70%. When the company opened its second location in the same state (Nov 2017), Adept was able to build on the foundation of the original location and the brand secured a first page ranking for core business terms related to that location within a few months.

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