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The Challenge

A major retailer of automotive aftermarket products came to Adept after experiencing significant decreases in organic traffic, revenue, and site conversion as a result of a recent website relaunch. In addition to the goal of resolving this issue, the retailer sought to find a digital partner who could fill the role of CMO and implement strategic initiatives to increase online revenue.

Our Approach

We first conducted a thorough audit of all digital channels, including paid search, product listing ads, organic search, email, and the ecommerce website. We also reviewed Google Analytics to identify ways to improve data validity and reporting. The audit results revealed significant opportunity to improve performance across each channel. Not only did Adept feel confident we could fix the issues caused by the site relaunch, we also identified opportunities for revenue growth.

The program was divided into four components: customer acquisition, conversion, retention, and measurement & optimization. To acquire new customers, our first area of focus was on the search engine results page. To remediate organic performance, we added back content that was stripped from the site when it relaunched and fixed several site architecture issues which had been responsible for the sudden decline. Once the foundation was back in order, we continued to focus on increasing organic revenue by prioritizing optimizations on pages with the highest per-visit value and creating new content such as brand and category pages.

In conjunction with the organic work, Adept developed and executed against a paid media roadmap with a strong emphasis on shopping campaigns as well as display retargeting and paid search ads. Common optimizations included testing ad creative & copy, updating shopping feed structure, and expanding keyword coverage.

Next came conversion. In our initial opportunities evaluation, we identified that even a 1% increase in overall conversion rate would drive an additional $1 million in annual revenue. After conducting further research on site usage, Adept built a roadmap and began testing key site elements such as category pages, navigation menu enhancements, mobile checkout, and product pages. When tests proved successful, we implemented them permanently on the site to maximize profit.

Customer retention was also a concern, as the brand had experienced a 12-month trend of declining email performance. Adept set out to reverse this downturn, beginning with an analysis of years of data to identify what value emails had been delivering to recipients, and where the largest opportunity was to re-engage high-value customers. Using client data, Adept built a comprehensive customer life-cycle engagement strategy and created email campaigns that communicated compelling offers to customers at just the right time.

Finally, our work all hinged upon the ability to accurately report on all digital channels. When we first engaged with the client, the company had been using the free version of Google Analytics, which could not fully report on the substantial traffic the site received each month. Adept evaluated various enterprise solutions and ultimately landed on and supported the transition to Google Analytics 360. With all data properly accounted for, Adept built numerous dashboards to easily review and analyze site performance in order to make data-driven business decisions.

The Results

Paid media and organic search contributed to nearly 5 million additional site sessions, representing a 14% increase in site traffic YoY. Conversion optimization efforts alone drove nearly $1 million in additional revenue, while overall online revenue increased by $7 million, or 6.1% YoY. Our strategy to re-engage customers proved successful as well, with email revenue increasing 31%.

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