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The Challenge

A large healthcare network with more than 30 locations throughout Ohio came to Adept looking for help getting ahead of the competition with its new technology for robotic knee surgery. Adept had previously managed a sister campaign for hip surgery technology, with strong results. The primary goal of the campaign was to drive robotic knee appointments, with a secondary goal of driving requests for more information.

Our Approach

The Adept team recognized there would be two significant audiences to target: those who were ready to make an appointment, and those who were searching for more information to determine whether they needed an appointment/consultation or not.

Understanding that these users had very different needs, we directed each user to one of two landing pages, depending on the user intent identified through the keywords being used in the search query. Using Google and Facebook, we then developed a complex retargeting strategy to move users through their journey. We supported this campaign with a robust set of awareness tactics to garner the attention of those not actively searching for surgery as a solution yet through Google Display Select Keywords & Facebook Interest targeting.

Through multi-variant ad testing we determined which combination of creative execution performed best to reach our goal. This data has been used by the client in subsequent campaigns, therefore limiting the number of assets the client team has to create and manage, which has led to efficiencies.

The Results

In the 6 months that the campaign ran, we generated 152 requests for appointments and 276 information requests, at a 60% lower cost-per-acquisition than the sister campaign. Our efforts also generated increased engagement with the brand in the form of 149 email sign ups, and conversion rate ultimately was 147% higher than the campaign goal.

Exceeded conversion rate goal by 147%

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