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The Challenge

After completing a user experience project to gain insights into the needs of prospective apartment renters, a company that manages more than 5,000 properties throughout Central Ohio recognized that its online presence was outdated. The company’s two websites needed to improve messaging and provide a better experience so potential renters could compare communities and so corporate partners and new hires could join the business.

Our Approach

Adept worked alongside the client team and immersed ourselves in the company’s user experience findings. When it was time to design the apartments website, we understood that communicating the unique feeling of the brand was paramount to its success. To be certain that the experience was fully communicated, our designers did some mystery apartment shopping to understand the logistics & emotions associated with touring these apartments.

The Results

Once the apartments site launched, the data proved the redesign was well worth it. Year over year, the company saw 158 more tours scheduled through the website and 85 more leases signed. In just 6 months, the new website generated enough revenue to pay for our work nearly three times over.

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