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The Challenge

Hotel LeVeque resides in LeVeque Tower, a historical gem among the Columbus, Ohio skyline. The hotel is part of Marriott Hotels’ Autograph Collection series, but strives to stand alone as its own boutique hotel experience,

While Hotel LeVeque offers a one-of-a-kind stay, the website did not accurately communicate the hotel’s unique offerings. The website also lacked a seamless experience for users to reserve rooms through the Marriott booking site. These factors contributed to under-performing KPIs, fewer bookings, and overall less site traffic.

Our Approach

When Adept first began working with Hotel LeVeque, the team conducted a user experience and branding audit to identify key areas of the site that would impact conversion. Rather than redesigning the site, Adept recognized that improving the parts that were most critical to the brand’s goals would make the site feel transformed. Adept rewrote specific pages of the site, layering impactful keywords with easy-to-read, attention-grabbing text, ultimately improving Hotel LeVeque’s online presence. Adept also redesigned pages for the site, resulting in updates to  navigation and page layout for a seamless user experience.

Once the updated site launched, the hotel transitioned its ongoing management of paid media and SEO efforts to Adept. Adept became responsible for making regular content updates to the site, improving organic rankings, managing off-site efforts such as link building, as well as placing paid ads, all as efforts to drive more room reservations and event bookings.

The Results

Adept began managing Hotel LeVeque’s paid and SEO efforts in January 2018. Since then, the hotel has seen incredible, continuous improvements in site performance based on KPIs and reports from the Marriott booking site.

In 2019, Hotel LeVeque experienced:

  • 17,559 visits to the site, a 73% increase compared to 2018.
  • 14,000 new users to the site, a 77% increase compared to 2018.
  • 5,186 combined leads, 465% increase compared to 2018.
  • 4,402 “Reserve Now” completions, a 423% increase compared to 2018.
  • Click-Through Rate increased by 164% since site launch.
  • Paid Conversion Rate increased by 69% since site launch.

Adept’s marketing approach involved leaning into the hotel’s offerings, ultimately resulting in increased traffic and conversions. Understanding a “boutique” hotel required Adept’s strategists to understand the types of people looking for the luxury experiences Hotel LeVeque offered. It’s important to understand who these people are, what they enjoy, how they behave online and what they often search for. Understanding Hotel LeVeque’s unique offerings and the specific audiences that would be interested allowed Hotel LeVeque to rise in its rankings.


“Adept is an amazing company to work with.  I worked with them on behalf of Hotel LeVeque to re-work our website, run our SEO and pay per click advertising. Not only are they professional and fun to work with, but the team is also prompt and pro-active. We have already had excellent results in regards to ROI due to the work Adept has done for us and we know there will be many more positives to come.  Also a shout out to our Account Executive, Marie, who is amazing and a joy to work with! We highly recommend Adept Marketing to anyone!” – Holly Hollingsworth

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