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2018 Performance highlights

Adept’s marketing mix continuously delivers strong results for this brand. Here are a few recent noteworthy data points we’re proud to share:

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The Challenge

An online retailer was mid-redesign on a website meant to support all future digital efforts when they came to Adept for a plan to increase their e-commerce revenue. A deep dive into their data revealed that their best growth opportunity could be activated with an integrated mix of digital tools.

Our Approach

We started with a PPC campaign to drive immediate results by acquiring new customers, along with a detailed picture of conversion rates, effective keywords and exactly who was buying. We added email marketing to refresh the company’s connection with their existing customers, then introduced a much-improved, fully responsive mobile e-commerce user experience. A conversion rate optimization (CRO) plan was added to squeeze additional buyers—and dollars—into the sales funnel. We added display advertising and social media. Then, rounded out the mix with an advanced forecasting and planning framework–served up dashboard style–so our client could track KPIs and compare goals to actuals.

Revenue up 400% in 4 years

The Results

Our client saw their revenue increase almost immediately after engaging with us. That included a 50% increase in sales from email at the end of 2013. More than a 500% increase in mobile sales between 2013 and 2014. And revenue that doubled in a two-year period. All told, Adept has helped the client grow revenue 400% in just four years.

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