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The Challenge

A leader in SaaS-based vehicle telematics and tracking software solutions  was spending significantly on digital paid media efforts to drive users to the site, but struggled to convert these users into paying customers. Recognizing the opportunity to iteratively improve the site experience, the company came to Adept for a solution.

Our Approach

The Adept team began with a two-month research project to understand which parts of the site needed the most attention in order to improve conversion rates. Research inputs included data from Google Analytics, heat maps, thousands of live chat conversations, and an assessment of key competitors’ websites. Using these inputs, the team created a conversion optimization roadmap that prioritized areas of the site by level of effort vs. level of impact.

The Results

After six months, conversion data showed that all 16 tests were winners, improving leads by an average 35%. Period over period, the company has seen a 24% increase in conversion rate, which resulted in a 46% increase in units sold and a 48% increase in revenue.  All told, the program generated an additional $3 million in revenue based on the average lifetime value of a customer.

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