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The Challenge

STORE 5a is a retail store that buys and sells pre-owned luxury accessories and designer jewelry. It has two brick and mortar locations in Columbus, Ohio as well as online retail.

STORE 5a has had three major business goals:

  • Increase online sales.
  • Increase in-store traffic and sales.
  • Increase the number of customers selling items to STORE 5a.

A significant challenge for STORE 5a was that shoppers frequently viewed the company’s products online, but because of the high price of luxury goods, they wouldn’t purchase online. Instead, shoppers preferred to see products in-person before making a final purchasing decision.

Our Approach

When Adept Marketing began working with STORE 5a, our digital marketing experts immediately saw the benefit of Local SEO to promote in-store traffic, the use of Paid Search and Retargeting to promote online sales, and the overall benefit of both services to increase brand awareness.

STORE 5a began paid services with Adept Marketing in October, 2018. Through our understanding of STORE 5a’s services and goals, strategists formed a paid strategy focused on driving unbranded awareness of STORE 5a offerings, e-commerce purchases, calls and forms.

For STORE 5a, Adept’s strategy encompasses:

  • Paid Search to highlight specific product types offered at STORE 5a, like watches, handbags, jewelry, accessories and specific designer brands. Paid Search also played a role in encouraging users to sell at STORE 5a which increases in-store foot traffic.
  • Retargeting strategies towards cart-abandoners and product-specific page viewers to keep STORE 5a top-of-mind for potential shoppers.

STORE 5a began SEO services in March 2019, focusing on Local SEO to promote in-store traffic and sales.

For STORE 5a, Adept’s primary SEO initiatives are:

  • Improve local visibility of collection pages for pre-owned product searches.
  • Improve local visibility of location pages for general pre-owned jewelry store searches.
  • Optimize Google My Business engagement and visibility for relevant searches.

The Results

Since Adept Marketing began its paid and SEO efforts, STORE 5a has seen continuous improvements in site performance based on KPIs and revenue reports from STORE 5a.

In 2019, STORE 5a experienced:

  • Over 9.7 million impressions from STORE 5a’s target audience during a retargeting paid campaign, bringing over 38,000 new users to the site.
  • Adept Marketing’s paid search campaign resulted in an 8% click-through-rate to the website, 390% stronger than average CTRs for e-commerce sites.
  • 80,643 organic visits to the site from Columbus, a 21% increase compared to 2018.
  • A 48% increase in online revenue from combined SEO and paid services compared to 2018.
  • A 13% increase of people in-store compared to 2018.
  • A 44% increase of in-store sales to plan compared to 2018.

To build a comprehensive marketing strategy for STORE 5a, it required a strong understanding of e-commerce businesses and STORE 5a’s pre-owned luxury accessory offering. Because of the designer name attached to many of these accessories and the higher price tag, we knew the purchasing timeline would be longer than most products. This didn’t stop Adept Marketing strategists from understanding the types of people looking to buy or sell pre-owned luxury accessories, how they behave online and what they search for. Understanding STORE 5a’s offerings, expecting a prolonged purchasing timeline and learning how to incorporate this into a marketing strategy helped to increase visits to the site, in-store traffic and overall revenue.

This year has presented its own unique challenges for retailers, including STORE 5a. While retail foot traffic has been impacted by the pandemic, Adept Marketing continues to support STORE 5a by developing recommendations to improve sell, consign, and trade-in services, and drive the business forward in online e-commerce sales.

From January 1, 2020 to date, STORE 5a has seen:

  • A 16% increase in transactions compared to 2019.
  • An 18% increase in online revenue compared to 2019.

Client testimonial

“My team (STORE 5a) and I have worked closely with Adept marketing for nearly two years. I can not say enough about the quality of work and the wonderful team they have. They have greatly helped increase both our online conversions and SEO ranking. Highly recommend.”

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