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The Challenge

A global research & development organization approached Adept to help with recruiting top-tier candidates for Cyber Engineering positions. This recruitment effort proved particularly difficult, as many qualified applicants did not even know they were qualified for the field and role. Given these challenges, we established two main needs for the campaign: While we knew we needed to attract qualified applicants, we first had to introduce the position—and the organization—to this very niche audience which added complexity to our work. The client wanted to test if digital marketing could successfully drive qualified applicants at a lower acquisition cost than a traditional recruiter.

Our Approach

Our primary goal was to recruit computer scientists, computer engineers, and electrical engineers to fill open Cyber Engineer positions using omni-channel tactics. Using demographic information, focus group data, and relevant media outlets, we researched targeting and placement options that were the best fit to get the message in front of the correct audience.

From these insights, we compiled a list of options and recommendations for media and targeting through channels including direct display placement buys, LinkedIn Sponsored Content, LinkedIn Direct Talent, Google Search, Google Retargeting, and Google Display.

Once the campaign launched, Adept continuously optimized the budget, placements, and bids to drive more clicks through to the application. As part of our strategy, we moved impressions to areas with stronger click-through rates and updated display ads to direct users to stronger performing landing pages. Throughout the campaign, we ran multiple A/B and multivariate tests, including text ad and banner design variations to identify the highest performing creative.

The Results

In this extremely niche market, the client had previously been unable to secure a single qualified applicant. With Adept’s help, we were able to generate 10 qualified applicants—all at a 50% lower acquisition cost.

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