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The Challenge

Since 1912, W.W. Williams has evolved from being one of the first commercial engine and vehicle repair shops in the U.S., to being one of the most diversified commercial solutions providers in North America. From emergency roadside vehicle repair and commercial fleet maintenance, to power generation services, alternative fuel innovation, and parts sales, W.W. Williams’ provides an eclectic mix of specialized services

When your company does so many different things for so many different industries, it can be challenging to provide your customers with a search engine-optimized web experience that balances giving them the tools they urgently need when their livelihood is literally broken down on the side of the road, with the brand building and educational content that C-level decision makers are looking for.

W.W. Williams partnered with Adept to completely re-invent their web strategy, and replace their 10-year-old website with a best-in-industry web experience.

The Results

The new W.W. Williams website offers customers a broad range of tools and content, purpose-built to provide every user persona with the help and information they need, via the most intuitive user experience possible.

The WordPress backend not only features a dynamic content management system that allows W.W. Williams to spin up completely new page designs from scratch, but it is also purpose-built to follow best practice search engine marketing and drive long-term local search improvement.