Let's build something amazing — together.

Who We Are

Meet the startup catalyst.

We offer a unique, comprehensive growth partnership. From mentoring and financing to networking and team workspace—we’re here to provide you what you need. (And that means ensuring your business is continually growing.)

Our Difference

What sets us apart.

We’re not a startup boot camp, seed accelerator, incubator, or makerspace. Don’t get us wrong—we’re big fans of these entrepreneurial resources—they’re just not us. Instead of competing with these options, we complement them. (And then some.)

At the end of the day, your business will only succeed if you have customers. And guess what? We’re customer acquisition experts with over 30 digital marketing professionals at your fingertips.

Now what?

Let’s talk! From napkin drawings to full-fledged decks—no matter where you are in the ideation process, we’re all ears. We believe individuality is important. In fact, it’s a game-changer. So we’re not here to prejudge or pigeonhole.

Our flexible process is tailored to fit the partnership at hand. You won’t find rigorous applications, questionnaires, or unnecessary hoops to jump through. If we click, then we’re in it for the long haul. And that means a personalized, customized growth plan.

We’ll be a good match if...

  • You're located in Central Ohio.

    We’re not into long-distance relationships. Our combined successes hinge on in-person collaboration.

  • You're flexible.

    We promise to be adaptable and responsive, but we’ll need you to be too. While there’s no fee to participate, we will collaborate to build an advantageous partnership. (We’ll figure out together whether it’s revenue sharing, an ownership stake, or something else.)

  • You need customers.

    We know what we’re good at. Looking for FDA approval for a new drug? Trying to get your discovery of the 119th element on the periodic table? They’re just not our forte.

  • You don’t just want to learn — You’re ready to DO.

    We aren’t here to teach you how to grow your business. We’re here to grow your business with you!

Lance Schneier

Lance Schneier Managing Partner

Over 40 years business experience should account for something. But having started, raised funds for, grown and successfully exited several businesses is more meaningful. Lance brings his disruptive business building success and entrepreneurial teaching and mentoring experience to your team.

Danielle Walton

Danielle Walton Partner

As co-founder of Adept Marketing, Danielle has helped hundreds of companies develop and execute effective growth strategies. A proven operations expert, Danielle helps companies execute better to support growth through customer acquisition and retention.

Justin Spring

Justin Spring Partner

In addition to co-founding Adept Marketing, Justin has consulted with dozens of start-ups and hundreds of growth stage companies over his 15-year career. His test, measure and refine approach to product development and customer acquisition has propelled Adept’s success as well as its clients.