Case Study Consulting Firm

Strategic Digital Public Relations Influences Social Change


increase in proposal opportunities


increase in proposal value


The Challenge

A full service engineering consulting firm in business for 30 years earned an enviable reputation among people in the know. However, despite their proven ability to provide a broad range of design and construction support services, they struggled to attract new business leads.

The Approach

We took a holistic approach to digital, combining brand and performance marketing to improve lead generation. We started our process by digging into the market positioning of the firm’s competitors and the minds of its key stakeholders. We then used our findings to create a more compelling story online via web redesign, SEO, and a PPC campaign. Finally, we kicked the program into high gear with a persona-driven, full-funnel approach that transformed their marketing strategy into an integrated, inbound lead-generation engine. The new, full-funnel plan continues to deliver highly winnable sales leads.