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Driving Awareness and Conversions Through Social Advertising


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Social Media

The Challenge

A division within a large government agency needed to position its services to entice technology companies and workers to engage. They were poised to enter a landscape filled with competitors that wanted to engage high-level technology talent living in major metropolitan cities. Building awareness of their services and unique offer -- and differentiating it amongst a crowded landscape -- was key. They engaged Adept to help them address this challenge.

The Approach

We started by evaluating and mapping the consumer journey to understand how a user would build Awareness, Consideration, Preference, and ultimately Convert. To drive awareness, we designed display and social media ads to target individuals (based upon age, location, industry and education level) who fit the key demographics within the specific locations and those who had searched online previously for the service.

We aligned retargeting, paid search ads and email to capture user data, build first party lists and execute complex workflows to target relevant content at the right time. We also designed a microsite to which all visitors were driven that aligned with the needs of the user at all various stages to allow for engagement and conversion.