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Work With a Nonprofit Marketing Agency That Increases Giving and Engagement

Is your website built to increase donations and engagement?

As a nonprofit marketing agency, we know the importance of a positive online presence for increasing awareness and engagement. We also know that digital can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach donors, volunteers, and prospective employees. If you aren’t top-ranked in search engines or your website doesn’t make it easy to donate, you have the opportunity to do more for your cause.

54% of worldwide donors prefer to give online with a credit or debit card.

Our global nonprofit client reduced the cost of acquiring sponsors by 50% with digital marketing.

Throughout our 10-year history as a nonprofit marketing agency, we’ve worked with nonprofits to create outsized results like these with lean budgets. Our holistic approach to digital marketing can attract new donors, increase recurring donations, and improve engagement with volunteers and sponsors.

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We believe in creating lasting relationships built on results.

We’re deeply invested in helping you benefit your cause —which is why we work with you to get to know who you are, who you support, and why people should want to give or participate. Next, we research the online opportunity and create a strategy that makes the most of your budget. Then we measure results in real numbers—like number of donors gained, volunteers engaged, and money raised.

Who We Work With If your nonprofit needs more support, we’re the nonprofit marketing agency to find it.

  • Global Nonprofits

    Experience has shown us that global causes face a lot of challenges — priorities vary by department, messaging must be adapted for different locations and cultures, and the regulations of international governments require constant vigilance. With so much to focus on, marketing efforts often get neglected. We work with large nonprofits to help prioritize all goals and make marketing as seamless as possible.

  • Local Government

    Understanding how to inspire, engage with, and grow your community is a challenge that many local governments face. Whether your goal is to attract job seekers to your locale or to promote government initiatives to your community, we’ll work with you to understand your audience and align the right marketing tactics to your goals.

  • Local Nonprofits

    Regardless of your organization’s size or where you operate, your impact is a story that deserves to be told. We use a variety of strategies and channels to spread your message, encourage community engagement, and increase donation volume.

  • Higher Education

    Educational institutions are under pressure to continue growing student enrollment, even in the face of societal change. Our approach seeks to understand your biggest opportunities and challenges, and find the right mix of tactics to increase applications, enrollments, and donations.

When you choose the right nonprofit marketing agency, it makes a real difference for your cause.

If you’re asking yourself questions like these, Adept is the right nonprofit marketing agency to help you find the answers.

  • How can I increase awareness of my nonprofit?

    People need to know your story before they give. Our goal is to spread your message to those who are likely to donate, but just haven’t heard of you yet–and ensure your organization is easy to find when people are actively looking for your cause.

  • How can I attract new donors online?

    Nonprofits often struggle to find new donors online, even when they are already running marketing. Adept works with you to uncover the most important opportunities for spreading your message, and helps fine-tune your story so that more people are  inspired to donate.

  • How can I get more recurring donors?

    Ensuring repeat donations is a key initiative. We can help run campaigns across various platforms, such as email and social media, and reconnect with past donors who represent the highest potential to give again.

  • Is digital marketing too expensive for my budget?

    Our nonprofit marketing experience means that we understand the importance of working leanly. After we learn about your goals, we’ll research and identify the low-cost, high-impact marketing tactics that will help meet your goals without exceeding your budget.

"Strategic thinking, how quickly you’ve helped me during times we’ve needed help urgently. You feel like an extension of our own team!"

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"We have a great partnership with Adept. We have been working with them since 2013 and have been pleased with their services."

Tom Emmons

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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