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Drive Quality Traffic to Your Content & Increase Organic Conversions

If it’s about increasing your digital footprint, driving more organic traffic to your website, or getting more of that traffic to convert into leads or paying customers—it’s in our wheelhouse.

Columbus SEO Services

Move Beyond "Optimizing for Search Engines"

A winning SEO strategy helps searchers find what they want online. It’s more than keywords and meta descriptions. It’s about content, experience, insight, and action.

Typically, SEO begins with a focused approach to a brand’s website. This is where the easiest wins exist—where a few improvements and modifications can have meaningful impact. The website should be consistently optimized with high-converting keywords, analyzed for both searcher satisfaction and conversion, and improved upon to deliver an ideal user experience.

To maximize organic results, brands must move beyond the website. We must create link-worthy content, get our brand cited in high-value publications, generate positive brand sentiment, increase brand awareness, and enrich our social profiles and followings.

At Adept, we know an effective SEO strategy spans multiple competencies most people might not consider as part of SEO, including review generation, review management, digital PR, website design and development, and brand positioning.

This is SEO in 2021. And it’s this kind of strategic thinking and quality execution that we bring to the table to help your business grow. Looking for local SEO, SEO consulting, or an all-in strategy?

The Adept Approach

A Strategic Approach to Grow Organic Revenue

SEO today is (much) more than keyword optimization. It’s about building brands, attracting audiences, and creating funnels to know the true impact of SEO. This requires a sophisticated mix of technical abilities, complex data analysis, strategic thinking, and creative execution. And it requires a disciplined methodology and approach. At Adept, we specialize in building sustainable engines of high-quality traffic that help brands achieve defined business goals.
Here's how we do it:

Identify Clear Business Goals & SEO Objectives

Whether we’re talking about a campaign or onboarding to a new client, our SEO team’s first priority is to understand and internalize your business goals. We start the partnership with discussions about your niche, business model, marketing objectives, assets, target audience, and more.

Key Activities:

  • Discovery Sessions
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Audience Segmentation

Research to Determine What, Why, and How People Search & Convert

With goals in mind, we set out to understand the level of effort and tactics we will need to implement to get there. To do this, our data analysts perform a technical SEO audit, situational analysis, and lots (and lots) of search query research to determine how your audiences search, convert, and transact.

Key Activities:

  • SEO Audits
  • Search Query Research
  • Persona Development
  • Conversion Funnel Mapping

Develop a Strategy to Win Over Searchers

When we talk about an SEO strategy, we’re not simply talking about a checklist of tactics. We define strategic objectives and develop a prioritized action plan to help searchers in your markets find what they are looking for.

Key Activities:

  • Holistic SEO Strategy
  • SEO Campaigns
  • Execution Roadmap
  • Performance Reporting

Create Winning Content for Searchers

Each online touchpoint as a relationship-building opportunity. One that moves potential buyers further down the path to purchase your product or service. We package content in the right ways, then serve it to potential customers at the precise times they’re searching along their path to purchase, and tie it all together to create a traffic engine that drives users through the conversion funnel.

Key Activities:

  • Blogging Strategy
  • Site Page Creation
  • Site Content Optimization
  • Asset Creation
  • Infographics

Optimize For User Intent & Discoverability

Sometimes it’s about showing up in knowledge boxes, answer boxes, and listings. Other times, it’s about SERPs performance. And other times, it’s about switching up the content on the landing page to increase page engagement and goal completions.

Key Activities:

  • Indexing & Crawl Optimization
  • Mobile SEO
  • URL Structure & Architecture
  • Meta Tags & Technical Keyword Optimization
  • Semantic Markup & Structured Data
  • SEO for Images, Video, News
  • International SEO
  • Local SEO

Promote Content and Elevate the Brand

We think beyond outdated “link-building” techniques.  We focus on creating content that wins links, mentions, and authority naturally. This is all about shareability, creating buzz, PR 2.0, and SEO-savvy digital outreach.

Key Activities:

  • Influencer Outreach
  • Guest Posting
  • Press Releases
  • Sponsorships
  • Content Creation

Report on Performance and Spot Performance Blockers

At Adept, we don’t do it unless we can track and measure it. Our SEO strategies are no different. Your strategy will include a transparent measurement framework, and we will review progress, trends, and growth with you on a consistent basis. You’ll never be in the dark about your organic performance.

Key Activities:

  • Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Performance Meetings

Test, Learn, And Improve

Once it’s published, it’s not over. We can test and improve site experiences, conversion points, SERPs pages, and a multitude of key touchpoints to continually improve the performance of your organic campaigns (and grow your revenue).

Key Activities:

  • Conversion Optimization
  • Analytics
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Tools & Resources

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We aren’t just executing SEO strategies—we’re leading them. Download the tools we’ve built and use ourselves, or check out our resources to evolve your understanding of winning SEO tactics. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check out our blog posts on SEO topics. 

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