Not Your Granddad’s SEO Program

SEO is more than keywords and rankings– it’s about producing quality experiences that focus on the content needs of a searcher, not just the technical needs of a search engine.

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Revenue, Not Rankings

Our SEO team plans, delivers, and measures success in ways that are meaningful to your brand and bottom line. It’s not rocket science... unless you sell rockets.

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Benefit SEO by Benefiting Your Customers

Search engines aim to surface trustworthy, authoritative, expert-driven content experiences relevant to the search query. This should be a shared objective with your SEO efforts.

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Growth in Organic Traffic
YoY Growth in Traffic to Checking Products


Simplify the Complex

Adept’s SEO team specializes in turning large, complex technical SEO initiatives into prioritized action plans. Especially on large websites, prioritization of technical SEO fixes is essential– weighing cost & effort vs impact for every incremental fix.

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Increase in non-brand clicks
Visitor growth in first 90 days


Gone Are the Days of 10 Blue Links

SERPs change drastically based on the needs expressed by the searcher. You now must optimize against specific SERPs or SERP features (i.e., Google Shopping, Google Maps, or non-Google SEO).

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Increase in conversions
ROI in 6 months


Don’t Make Existing Revenue an Afterthought

Almost any website change– as small as a hosting migration or as big as a redesign– has the potential to impact SEO performance. We’ll fit neatly into your active workstream to protect any existing SEO value during the transition, and help set you up for long-term growth.

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