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The Situation

Adept has worked with the AEP Energy team since 2020, beginning with an overhaul of their complicated digital marketing program which included a variety of agencies. By bringing all of these siloed pieces into one cohesive plan, our team was able to support the entire funnel and, ultimately, their larger business goals.

The Transformation

By pairing top of funnel traffic-driving campaigns with strategic conversion optimization, our team has been able to consistently grow the customer base and improve efficiency for AEP Energy. Wins include the launch of a successful programmatic program in 2022, driving down blended acquisition costs. A 46% improvement in Cost Per Acquisition from paid search during the 2nd half of 2022. And a 4.6X return on investment from conversion optimization efforts.

The Work

Every year brings new challenges for a client like AEP Energy, and in 2022, our team was tasked with expanding a successful digital campaign to a wider audience. Despite many consumers having energy choice for quite a while, there is still considerable confusion. Also, new audiences to energy choice don’t thoroughly understand their options. Through research, it became clear that there was an opportunity to educate these customers on their choices and significantly increase awareness, and ultimately revenue.

Our media team jumped into action, developing a data-driven program aimed at educating customers by reaching them where they are. The campaigns were successful in improving awareness and driving significant traffic for consumer business, C&I and small business segments. And while paired with our existing digital marketing program, helped drive down blended acquisition costs.

Our conversion optimization team—as always—was a large part of that overall improvement. Continued testing and optimization delivered a 78% win rate on A/B tests throughout the website, leading to a 4.6X return on investment on CO.

The Issues We Solved

Top of funnel traffic-driving campaigns plus conversion optimization delivers outstanding results.

The brand performed inconsistently in the SERP across markets, with prominent visibility issues in local search.

We stepped in to create a holistic digital marketing program, replacing a variety of external agencies.

Introduction of programmatic advertising to educate customers on new energy choices.

Full-funnel digital marketing program expanded reach and drove down blended acquisition costs.

Continued A/B testing and optimization leading to a 4.6X return on investment from CO initiatives.

Real Results

AEP - Improving conversion rate on paid media graph

Improving Efficiency on Paid Media Campaigns

Average Rankings for Target Search Queries