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Digital Marketing Drives Revenue for Medical Supply Company


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The Situation

With a growing customer base and increased competition, Sarnova and its family of companies, including Bound Tree Medical and Emergency Medical Product (EMP), hired our team to drive new customer acquisition. We developed a cross-channel digital marketing machine that supported commerce preceding the pandemic and throughout that unprecedented time, yielding significant revenue growth.

The Transformation

Our strategic partnership began in 2017 with website development and quickly expanded to include acquisition. By connecting the dots across the entire digital landscape, we were able to significantly lower customer acquisition costs. In fact, major KPIs regularly exceeded performance targets. SEO visibility and traffic steadily increased, leading to increased revenue from search across all three Sarnova brands. For one of these brands, we delivered 53% YoY growth in revenue from non-brand organic search and ROAS from paid search initiatives exceeded target by over 100%.

The Work

As an agency, we're proud of our long-standing partnership with Sarnova. Despite having a tight marketing budget, complex business and technology transitions, and complications from the COVID pandemic, we delivered results that prove our cross-functional expertise in marketing and commerce contributed to multi-million dollar revenue growth for Sarnova brands. This included a few of key areas:

SEO Supports Forward Momentum: A brand’s website is its digital front door, but there are many disruptors that impact traffic including website transitions, algorithm updates and more. Our SEO work across Sarnova’s brands includes a focus on high-converting keywords, driving qualified traffic, continuous on-site optimization, and pursuing link-winning opportunities off-site to build SEO authority and trust. The always-on approach continues to yield impressive return on investment.

Data-Driven Paid Media Yields High Returns: Our relationship with Sarnova spanned through the pandemic, a challenging time for many industries. While budgets varied and goals moved, our focus on efficiency never wavered. As budgets tightened, we dug in even harder on optimizing our bidding approach by leveraging machine-learning. Paired with conversion optimization efforts, the team was able to exceed the 2022 revenue target by 12% and deliver a 20:1 ROAS for one of Sarnova’s brands.

Results Delivered

A cross-channel digital strategy and implementation that supported and grew the brand.

Paid media efforts exceeded revenue targets for Sarnova’s brands.

Delivered a 20:1 ROAS from paid search for one of Sarnova’s brands.

SEO guided the brand through digital disruption while building authority and trust.

Success, Measured.

Paid Search - Revenue vs cost

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