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Driving Profitable Patient Acquisition Across Services


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The Situation

In 2014, the marketing team at a top regional healthcare institution believed that its current paid campaigns were not working as effectively at driving patients for certain service lines as profitably as they could, essentially creating an inefficient marketing funnel. At the same time, they believed that paid campaigns and organic campaigns were effectively siloed and that an integrated strategy could be employed to drive better results.

The Transformation

Drive further brand awareness and lead generation via a holistic strategy across paid and organic channels to drive profitable patient acquisition across a variety of services.

The Work

Though the goal of each campaign is ultimately to drive conversions, Adept employs a multi-tactic strategy that ensures visibility across the marketing funnel. Display, paid social, and YouTube ads drive awareness, while paid search and local SEO send users who are actively seeking services to content-focused landing pages that provide value and encourage users to make an appointment.

The Issues We Solved.

Our team partnered with our client to achieve their goals.

Tracking: The metrics tracking were vanity metrics - time on site, visits. There was opportunity to track key metrics that tie to true marketing performance and business success including appointment requests, phone calls and ultimately appointments made.

Attribution - When assessing channel performance, search was the only channel where performance was measured. There was opportunity to monitor and assess all channels, and their attributed value across the marketing funnel, including organic, display and social.

Lack of Niche Pages for Paid Media - paid campaigns were driving to broad parent service line pages which conflicted with the way in which campaigns were designed as niche service focused. There was an opportunity to provide a better user experience for the patient.

Local SEO : There was significant overlap in organic local search with web properties that operate under the same brand. This caused cannibalization and more importantly confusion to the user when searching. Delineation and clarity amongst all web properties to ensure they align to the searcher.

Real Results

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