Adept’s Performance+ Integration Model

Brands today need better integration of performance marketing, data, stratgy creative, and digital P.R. That’s what we do. Here’s how we do it.

Data. It’s always at the top for us. Performance marketing expertise, it drives all our decisions.

Strategy. It’s what we do with all of that amazing data that matters. We use it to optimize performance. And we use it to create valuable consumer insights.

Brand & Client. At the center of it all.

Integrated Big Ideas. It’s one of our biggest plus-ups. We integrate the data-driven strategy with creative to generate big ideas.

Performance marketing. Closest to the consumer, it’s our expert base and our nexus. The multitude of 2-way interactions between consumers and digital generates sales, and valuable data. And when enhanced with more strategy, creative, and PR, it can also build brand loyalty long term.

Creative and PR. Great creative and PR can bring meaningful brand stories to life anywhere and everywhere. Online and off-page. It’s necessary today to elevate and improve performance marketing and can be used in traditional media.

Some Advantages of Performance+

Growth and Brand Building

We optimize all areas of performance marketing with the latest tools and data for measurable results. Then we go further. Because performance marketing also builds brands when it’s supercharged with insightful strategy, fresh creative, and digital PR, all guided by data.

We elevate and unify the brand experience at all touch points, adding emotional relevance to break through for affinity along with function. Even non-digital tactics will be amplified in a brand’s online ecosystem. So everything should work together, because over time, it defines your brand.

Increased Innovation

The marketing environment is always changing. So brands need agencies that can anticipate and adapt. (We do.) But performance marketing also presents valuable opportunities to iterate, test, and evolve big brand ideas and small tactics in-market, and see results. With Performance+, our specialists work together with our brand partners to proactively drive experimentation where data signals opportunity.

More Speed

Without a process that optimizes speed, you can’t really adapt and innovate well. So Performance+ was built to move faster. We’re always up on data and results to guide us. Integrated teams allow us to collaborate and communicate with our brand partners effectively. And we’re digital-first, so we can iterate big brand ideas and small tactics in real time, online. Brands today don’t have the time to wait on their agencies for plans and actions. With Performance+, they won’t.

Client Stories

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Powerful solutions for an energy supplier

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Regional Cancer Hospital

Connecting patients who need care with the very best people to give it.

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