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Email is one of the most tried and true marketing tactics. The reason? It works. When done well, email marketing can increase conversions, nurture leads, and generate sales — all in a cost-effective way.

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Harness the Power of Email for Your B2B or Consumer Business

Email marketing is proven to generate ROI at a rate of 38 to 1 when compared to other channels, per Litmus Research. This makes email marketing a low-risk, high-reward investment for your business.

For consumer businesses, especially ecommerce retailers, email marketing can directly benefit a brand’s bottom line. With a thoughtful marketing and promotional strategy, you will not only see more sales, you’ll create repeat customers.

For B2B businesses, email is a crucial way to nurture and convert leads. Email marketing provides a sustainable way to keep in contact with prospects throughout long sales cycles and stay top of mind with customers to encourage repeat business.

Need to optimize your current email marketing or overhaul your strategy?

    Our Email Marketing Approach

    Data-Driven Email Marketing That Produces Measurable Results

    Just like with all marketing channels, successful email marketing relies on data.That’s why we do in-depth research before ever sending an email, and why we track performance every step of the way.

    The result: a more targeted, personalized and adaptable email strategy that helps meet your business goals.

    Here's how we do it:

    Discovery and Research

    We get to know your business and your sales cycle to discover how email marketing can help you reach your goals. To do this, we analyze your historical data and collaborate with you to understand your audience(s).

    Key Activities:

    • Stakeholder Interviews and Workshop
    • Email List Evaluation
    • Audience Persona Development

    Email Content Strategy

    Do you need a lead nurture campaign? Would you benefit from a welcome campaign for new subscribers? We use the insights from our research to determine what messages your audiences want to hear and how often they want to receive them. Once defined, we create a detailed editorial calendar and sync it with your email and/or marketing automation platform.

    Key Activities:

    • Define Email Frequency
    • Develop Editorial Calendar

    Creative Development

    Developing the right content for emails is paramount to success. Based on your audiences, we develop content, create an engaging design that will drive clicks, and choose a destination that directly ties back to the content.

    Key Activities:

    • Copywriting
    • Email Design
    • Mobile-friendly Email Development

    Distribution and Tracking

    In order to segment data and measure the impact of campaigns, we set the stage for proper email performance tracking before launch. We measure engagement, analyzing metrics such as open rates and click-throughs, but we also track where recipients go after they click. Does a customer put an item into their cart – and do they purchase? Does a lead download a white paper or contact sales? We use this data to optimize our content and strategy to get more of the results we want.

    Key Activities:

    • Measurement and Reporting
    • Campaign Optimization
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    Tools & Resources

    Get Email Marketing Resources To Broaden Your Knowledge

    We do more than send email blasts—we develop original strategies for making emails stand out in a cluttered inbox. Check out our resources to evolve your understanding of winning email marketing tactics.

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