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What Drives Your Growth Decisions: Insights or Assumptions?

Relying on intuition or assumptions alone to grow a business can result in missed opportunities and a stagnant bottom line. Insights, uncovered through focused research, can drive the business forward into a new profitable future.

Research Services

We Align The Right Mix Of Research Tactics To Answer Key Questions

For marketing to work effectively, it is critical to have a deep understanding of customers, competitors, and the industry as a whole.  Many businesses rush head-first into executing tactics such as pay per click or search engine optimization and often learn things in-market that, had they uncovered previously, may have saved marketing dollars in the long run.

At Adept, we know that research impacts more than just marketing; it is key to making strategic decisions that ultimately grow your business. Activities such as talking to customers and auditing the competitive landscape can generate insights that lead businesses to develop new products or enter new markets.

From in-person workshops to statistically significant quantitative insights, we are equipped to design and implement the research methods that will answer critical questions.

    The Adept Approach

    We Answer Critical Questions To Find Growth Opportunities For Your Business.

    Is the solution to growing your business simply doing more—and better—marketing?

    Or are there larger considerations—such as introducing a new product or service, entering a new geographic market, or creating efficiencies in operations?

    To find out, we connect insights from a variety of research tactics and identify the true path for growth.

    Here's how we do it:

    Market Research

    • How big is the market for your service or product?
    • How much opportunity for growth do you have?

    Customer Research

    • Who are the ideal customers for what you sell?
    • How (and when) do they make buying decisions?

    Competitor Research

    • How does your brand and your offer compare to your competitors?
    • What threats are on the horizon?

    Marketing Performance Research

    • Are we marketing in the right places?
    • Have we misjudged the validity of a marketing channel?
    Marketing Research Case Studies

    What Really Matters is Results. And We Have Plenty of Those to Share.

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