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Improve Organic Search Visibility in Your Local Market

Whether it’s creating a glowing Google My Business listing, strengthening your online review profile or creating content that speaks to local searchers, a sound local SEO strategy can directly impact your bottom line.

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Targeting the ‘Near Me’ Searchers

If you have a brick-and-mortar business chances are local SEO is crucial to your location and its online presence. A smart local SEO strategy requires detail-oriented, outside-the-box tactics that help users find what they want online.

Like a typical SEO strategy, Local SEO considers the most effective way to produce useful information that can surface for the most relevant searches for the business, but with a more geographic focus. This means strategically utilizing content that tells searchers where you’re located, the services offered at your location, and how reputable your location is among locals who have visited.

Consider Google to be the new homepage for your local business. To maximize organic traffic in the area, local SEO optimizes Google My Business and other third-party listings, primed to show up when a user searches with local intent. We then ensure that your website content speaks to local searchers, and that you’re offering social proof that your business is the best choice in the area for what you do.

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