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Leverage Social Media to Build Awareness and Reach New Customers

For most businesses, using social media the right way may seem daunting. But when done strategically, social media marketing is a powerful way to get your business in front of highly targeted groups of people who match your customer profiles. Merely having a presence on social platforms isn’t enough. Understanding your industry, audience, and goals is necessary to choose the right platforms, messages, and mix of paid and organic social content to achieve your goals.

Social Media Marketing Capabilities

Grow and Engage Your Audience with Strategic Social Media Programs

Social media is a dynamic tool for boosting the reach of your brand, engaging directly with customers, and even reaching new audiences. But it’s also difficult to do successfully. With the number of brands on social, you have to cut through the noise and find a way to stand out. It takes a consistent, diligent effort.

That’s why we work with clients to create differentiated, sustainable strategies for reaching their audiences on social media. It’s another reason we typically suggest combining organic social and paid social campaigns. We see organic social as a way to create brand loyalty with your current audience, while paid social offers opportunities to connect with a new customer base. This two-part approach also extends the life of your content and makes it easier to stay top of mind.

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    Our Social Media Marketing Approach

    Holistic Social Media Strategies That Drive Results

    We have a proven process for combining organic social and paid social campaigns to drive meaningful results for our clients.We’ll work with you to identify the right social platform mix, content, and engagement strategy to meet your goals.The result: a target audience that’s more aware, connected, and loyal.
    Here's how we do it:

    Discovery and Alignment

    We start by getting to know you, your audience, and your business goals so we can align on how social media can support your brand and drive the results you’re looking for.

    Key Activities:

    • Stakeholder interviews and/or workshop
    • Review of brand positioning, existing creative assets, and any documented messaging

    Brand and Messaging Differentiation

    Your presence on social media should both meet your customers’ expectations and differentiate you from your competitors. We identify how to accomplish this by reviewing data from any past campaigns and assessing how your competition uses social media.

    Key Activities:

    • Social media audit of current platforms
    • Competitor social media audit
    • Key messaging development

    Organic Social Media Strategy

    A successful social media strategy hinges on distributing the right content through the right platforms. Our assessments will inform which platforms our efforts should focus on, as well as identify creative ways to frame your messages.

    Key Activities:

    • Platform selection & prioritization
    • Platform-specific content strategy
    • Editorial calendar 
    • Content and creative execution

    Paid Social Media Strategy

    The success of paid social media campaigns relies heavily on targeting. As a result, it’s critical to know who your audience is—their age groups, their behaviors, what they’re interested in —to define parameters for who we reach. From there, our content must be engaging and differentiated so we stand out in someone’s feed.

    Key Activities:

    • Platform selection & prioritization
    • Build audiences and targeting parameters
    • Campaign calendar
    • Content and creative execution

    Social Media Management Process

    A social media strategy is only successful if it’s sustainable. We help you select a tool that streamlines social management and develop a plan for creating, reviewing, and publishing content, as well as engaging on each platform.

    Key Activities:

    • Social media management tool evaluation & selection
    • Governance plan
    • Client team training

    Launch and Optimize

    After we launch a paid campaign or post organic content, we regularly monitor how posts perform and optimize our efforts to reach more of the right people, more often.

    Key Activities:

    • Ongoing measurement and reporting
    • Paid social campaign optimization
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    Social Media Tools & Resources

    We do more than create social media posts—we invest time and energy into staying on the cutting-edge of social trends, and create our own. Check out our resources to evolve your understanding of winning social media tactics.

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